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Construction Liens in Michigan

A Claim of Lien, also known as a construction lien, is a valuable tool to those working in the residential and commercial construction trades in Michigan. When a homeowner or business refuses or fails to pay for work completed on their construction project, a construction lien may be recorded to help secure payment. If nonpayment continues even after a lien is recorded, the lien can be foreclosed much like a bank foreclosure when a homeowner stops making mortgage payments. There are various deadlines that must be followed, and notices that must be provided, or the lien may not be valid, so it is important to follow the right steps to make sure a construction lien will be valid.

An attorney familiar with Michigan’s construction lien laws can provide advice regarding the construction lien process. And, an added benefit of a valid construction lien is that the Michigan Construction Lien Act provides that attorney fees may be recovered when a lien must be foreclosed in order to obtain payment.

Contact Inosencio Fisk if you need an attorney that is familiar with the Michigan Construction Lien Act and has experience recording and enforcing construction liens throughout Michigan.


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